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If you are a person facing divorce, especially if you are in the early stages, here are a few exercises that can be useful to help you through the process:

1) Get yourself some kind of journal or notebook, and use it as a diary to be able to express the things you struggle with.  You can have one section relating to decisions you made (include your reasoning at the time), maybe another listing frustrating items, another could contain decisions yet to make, another could record meaningful quotes people share or scripture references that have meaning for you….be creative in the sections you establish.

2) Start now to develop a self character list of your guiding principles.  The list could include things like:  I want to maintain my honesty through this process, I want to be faithful to my commitment to Christ and my church, I am going to pray before every meeting with my attorney or spouse, I want to each day do something for my children, I want to make decisions in such a way that I will be able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards… get the idea, just putting into writing your core values, the character traits that you want to guide you through the process.

3) Develop a prayer journal in which you list specific prayer requests as well as specific ways God has answered prayers for you and met your needs, so that you can look back to remind yourself of God’s care for you.

4) At least once a week, preferably more often, do something fun just for yourself, to help get your mind off the struggles for a bit.  It doesn’t have to cost money, if your budget is tight (which is frequently the case).  I used to go to the park and play with my new dog, or read books I had of various favorite cartoons.  You can drop in on a friend, play a board game with the kids……whatever is fun and safe for you.

5) Begin searching for a new way to make a meaningful contribution to your community, church or world.  Maybe adopt a hungry child, babysit in the church nursery, volunteer at the local blood drive.

​Les and Leslie Parrott’s website has great resources for building healthy marriages

A great resource for personal growth, healing and relationship skill building.  Breakthrough Seminars are a great resource for someone dealing with the pain of divorce!

DivorceCare is a divorce recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of separation and divorce.  It was a really helpful ministry for me, and I know for many others.  Well worth attending!

This mission work is dear to my heart, as it seeks to rescue women trapped in human trafficking by teaching them new trades.  Check out the jewelry store.

A new Christian musician who has a dynamite message, and whose love for God is contagious!

This website offers resources to build marriages, and to help married couples find healthy alternatives to divorce.  His Needs Her Needs is one of my favorite marriage books.

This guy builds quality speakers, and when servicing churches, makes sure the churches pay a reasonable price instead of excessive gimmicks.  Also, is involved in cutting edge speaker technology.

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