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Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce

Vol. 1 - Autumn and Winter - Seasons of Loss and Sorrow

Vol. 2 - Spring and Summer - Seasons of Renewal and Warmth

The year long devotional falls into two volumes, the first being Autumn and Winter:  Seasons of Loss and Sorrow,  Topics range from dealing with attorneys and courts, to caring for the emotional health of children, to the feelings of loneliness, isolation and hopelessness that overwhelm those in grief, and especially those in the grief of divorce.  While the book is written for those who are going through or have just gone through the process of divorce, it will also educate pastors and others in understanding what their divorcing friends are experiencing, and enable them to minister more effectively.   Many sections are also applicable to those who have lost a spouse or loved one, because grief is grief, no matter the cause.


The contents and themes of Volume Two, Spring and Summer are significantly different.  In Volume One, there were so many hard issues to deal with for those in the midst of overwhelming struggle.  But in this volume, many of the themes relate more to the issues of “what now?”  That is to say, while you put your life back together as a single person, you will face lots of choices.  These devotionals are designed to help your focus as you make those choices.  Not only does divorce create a great deal of loss and struggle, it also creates a multitude of opportunities, which are the building blocks of your future!  You will discover some of those opportunities in the pages of this book.

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