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Often, when I visit with Christians who have been divorced, I have commented that there just isn't much good help out there.  And every time, they respond, “You are right……very little.”  When my wife filed for divorce over a decade ago, I found out myself how desperately quality, scriptural help is needed for Christians caught in the web of divorce.  That is why I am so pleased to be able to offer my new book, Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce, a daily devotional guide designed to help the reader find ways to grow closer to God in the midst of the drastic upheavals of divorce.

Richard Crooks has been in ministry since 1983, as a pastor and in college campus ministry.  Richard also served on the board of inner city ministries, and has been involved in ministry within the nearby state prison.  He holds Master’s degrees from Central Baptist Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College.
   Through a variety of experiences, including his own struggles in divorce, he is keenly aware of the devastating impact divorce can have in the lives of families, including not only the couple, but children, parents and grandparents as well.  His own struggles and contacts in ministry bring personal impact to his writings.  Richard believes it is important to have support, resources and tools from those who have shared the struggle to help divorcing individuals navigate the treacherous waters of divorce.  Because of his extensive background in biblical studies, he brings a fresh and invigorating approach to the scriptures he includes.  Recognized by his peers as a leader and discerning pastor, his advice and encouragement is often sought by others in ministry. 
  He has been involved in ministries with people of all ages, economic status and theological perspectives.  People experience his ministry as very compassionate, as he seeks to incorporate the Jesus style of ministry into his outreach, where Jesus made time for the outcasts and demonstrated God’s love for the unlovely, yet without compromising his own commitment to God and scripture.
     The father of two, he remarried in 2004, and is step father of four children.  He and his wife, Nola, have been instrumental in helping others struggling with the impact of divorce, both through ministry opportunities as well as with friends and family.

Richard on the Radio

Richard D. Crooks will be featured on the Author's Corner program on KNEO Radio out of Neosho, Missouri.    Host Clark Matthews interviews Richard regarding the new Volume of Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce, Spring and Summer.   Part 1 of the interview is on September 16th and Part 2 of the radio interview is on September 17th.  


Follow the link to the KNEO webpage and click on the "Current Broadcast" button to hear the current interview.   Head back to our webpage tomorrow for the audio files for the whole interview.













Volume 1 and Volume 2   NOW AVAILABLE!!

Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce Devotional 

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